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Help & FAQs

  • 01. Am I in your delivery zone ?
    Check on google map and see how many miles you are away from Columbia Flower Market in Shoreditch. We deliver to 2.5 miles. DM us if you are not sure how far you are from us.
  • 02. What if I missed the cut off time ?
    Then your order will be taken to the next cut off time.
  • 03. How do I pay ?
    We will share our payment details once your order is confirmed. Then you can make your phone/online transfer.
  • 04. Can you deliver further ?
    We are sorry if you are not in our delivery zone. In order to maintain our food quality, we deliver within 20 mins ride distance and that’s about the 2.5 mile range. DM us if you are not sure how far you are from us.
  • 05. How do you deliver ?
    We don’t have our own delivery team so we rely on our courier partners, they charge you delivery fee by miles.
  • 06. Can you do Halal ?
    Yes we can. Just DM us, we will check with our Halal meat supplier to confirm your order.
  • 07. When do you have gift boxes?
    We do gift boxes for Taiwanese festivals based on the lunar calendar, also we collaborates with local business, crafters and designers for seasonal gift sets. Follow us on IG/ FB for updates.
  • 08. Why not on Deliveroo/Uber Eats ?
    We are a small business that only serve 30 bento boxes a day, we cannot compete in quantity but quality.
  • 09. Do you do private dining ?
    We are takeaway only now and our private dining service stays suspended until further notice.
  • 10. Can you come to my house and cook ?
    Unfortunately our home-visit caterer service is closed now until further notice.
  • 01. How to use meat/vegan chilli sauces?
    You can dip it, cook your food with it, serve it with a bowl of rice or noodles...or just put it on top of your steamed vegetables. There are so many ways of using our chilli sauce, be creative!
  • 02. Do I need to keep chilli sauce in my fridge?
    Yes. That’s the best way to keep your chilli sauce fresh and help to store it longer than in room temperature.
  • 03. How long will meat chilli sauce last?
    Following the UK regulations and council’s Food Safety advise, we recommend you to consume your meat chilli sauce within 4 days once opened, also keep in the fridge for the best taste.
  • 04. How to store the vegan chilli sauce ?
    We recommend you to consume your vegan chilli sauce within 3 weeks once opened. And keep it in the fridge for the best taste.
  • 05/ Could chilli sauce last longer?
    There is a tip to always use clean and dry utensils to help keep your chilli sauces longer, and of course keep them in your fridge always.

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