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MAPO TOFU | 麻婆豆腐

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Always ready 宅在家料理




I. Numbing & Spicy Oil 刀口辣椒


15g dry chilli 乾辣椒

8g sichuan green peppercorn 青花椒

100ml vegetable oil 植物油

II. Main Ingredient 主要食材


400g medium firm tofu 中等硬度板豆腐

30g ginger 生薑

30g pork / beef mince (15% fat)

豬肉餡 / 牛肉餡(15% 油脂)

1/2tbsp douban paste 豆瓣醬

3pcs spring onion 蔥花

15g soy sauce醬油

8g caster sugar 糖

extra boiled water 熱開水




Prep 1 備料一

Grate the ginger, chop up the spring onion and dice the tofu.


Tips 小撇步:

Cover a piece of foil on the whichever grater you have, then you will ending up with a clean grater ! Save your time on discarding the ginger which stuck on the grater ! (see picture)


Pre-wash the spring onion an hour before use, tie them up, then hang it in an airy place to fully dry out the water. After drying, you can chop up easily or store them for days in a good condition. It will be always ready to use! (see picture)

提前一小時洗好小蔥, 然後用小橡皮筋綁成一綑倒掛在通風處風乾掉所有殘留的水分。風乾後的蔥,會更加容易切的漂亮又乾淨,並且這樣儲存小蔥也比較不容易變爛,隨用隨拿出切切即可,非常方便省時。 (見圖)


Prep 2 備料二

Grind the dry chilli and Sichuan green peppercorn into almost like a powder. (If you don't have Sichuan green peppercorn, you can use normal Sichuan peppercorn instead.) Transform them into a heat-resistant bowl, heat up vegetable oil, when you see the oil starts to have wavy texture, and very light smoke comes out the oil means the temperature is hot enough (Over heat the oil will burn the chillies to black.) Pour the oil into the bowl, the chillies and peppercorns will start sizzling with a lot of bubbles. This technique makes the chilli oil has a better fragrant and it does not make your whole kitchen smells pungent and oily. (You only need some of it today, keep the rest of the chilli oil in a jar to store for future use. You can also times the portion to make more at once, it goes nicely anything. )





Step 1 步驟一

Boil a pot of water then add 1 tbsp salt in the water. Lower to medium high heat, gently put the diced tofu in and cook for 1-2 minutes, then gently take out and drain. Set aside. (To avoid tofu split into pieces, try not to stir too often when boil them)



Step 2 步驟二

Heat up the oil in a pan with medium heat, once it's hot, put grated ginger in first, stir fry the ginger until the fragrant comes out, then put in the whichever mince you use, cook until light brown colour, add the douban paste (Sichuan fermented chilli bean paste) , stir continuously and cook until the red oil comes out and covered on everything. Now add soy sauce and caster sugar and a bit of boiling water. The Mapo tofu base is now done.



Step 3 步驟三

Put the boiled tofu in, add some extra hot water to make sure the water level covers the tofu. Cook them with low heat until the tofu absorb the stock and start to get colour.



Step 4 步驟四

Pour in the slurry corn flour water with a circle movement in the pot, cook another minute or two to thicken up this dish. Sprinkle the chopped spring onion and some Numbing & Spicy oil to finish. (Adjust the amount of Numbing & Spicy oil as you like.)

加入調好的芡汁下去勾芡收尾,煮到湯汁開始變黏稠。最後撒上蔥花與刀口辣椒,增加這道菜的色、香、味,便完成了!(看個人對辣的喜好來添加刀口辣椒的量 )


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