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Long Là John Chilli Sauce

Having fun and experimenting with food should be the heart and soul of any kitchen. This was certainly the philosophy when Chef Long created her savoury chilli sauce “Long Là John”. We hope it also sparks your inner Willy Wonka to use this fiery sauce in different ways. Add it to your noodle, rice, soup, sandwich or whatever combination your tastebuds tingles for.


Meat Chilli Sauce


Itʼs like an Be.llong’s Asian version of Ragu.

Inspired by Taiwanese minced pork sauce, Chef Long added Chinese Sichuan spices, special chosen beef with balanced fat, blended with 25 other ingredients, carefully low-cooked them to bring out the best flavour.

Vegan Chilli Sauce


Youʼll get more than 20 ingredients including 10 types of spices and 3 types of chillies from different regions all packed in this little jar ! There are Chefʼs Long special house-mix spices and precious Taiwanese dried daikon to give the last kick !

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Long Là John Online Order

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