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Chef's Journal


Updated: Dec 3, 2020




I. Pork Marinade 醃料


300g pork belly 白菜

1/2 tbsp rice wine 米酒

1/2 tbsp soy sauce 醬油

1/2 tbsp chilli oil 辣椒油

1/2 tsp ground coriander 芫荽粉

1/4 tsp ground white peppercorn 白胡椒粉

1/4 tsp ground Sichuan peppercorn 四川花椒粉

1/4 tsp ground cumin 孜然粉

1/4 tsp espellette 艾斯佩雷辣椒粉

1/4 tsp caster sugar 糖

1/2 tsp corn flour 玉米澱粉

II. Other Ingredient 其他食材


1/4 Lettuce 包心萵苣

5-6pcs Vietnamese rice paper 越南春捲皮

Fried Shallots 油蔥酥

Peanut powder 花生粉




Step 1 步驟一

Marinate the pork belly with all the ingredients shown above, starts from wet ingredients to dry ingredients, and corn flour to finish with for the best results. Give a good rub on all side, and it needs at least 10 mins for the marinating.



Step 2 步驟二

Soak Lettuce in ice water, wash then drain well the excess water, either icerberg or round butterhead lettuce are works well for this summer roll.



Step 3 步驟三

Heat up the oil in a pan with medium heat, splash a little bit oil, once it's hot, put the pork belly into the pan, grill one side to golden, then flip around, cover the lid to cook the inside of the meat for about two minutes depending on the thickness of the pork belly. Open the lid, grill each side another two minutes to a golden brown colour. Rest few minutes, cut into small pieces, and ready to roll the summer roll.



Step 4 步驟四

Now we are ready to assemble everything up. Get some warm water ready to dip the rice paper, each paper only dip about 5 seconds will be good to go, lay the rice paper on the chopping board, then start to put peanut powder, grilled pork belly slices, fried shallots, and lettuce in order, so that the front of the summer roll will always showing the beautiful pork belly first. Just roll it like the picture shown above.

You can adjust the amount of each ingredients as you like, as long as you can still roll it up. You can also blanch some Vietnamese rice noodle to put inside, which is the original way of making summer roll. Whichever way you like, just enjoy this light but flavourful dish !


同樣的作法,也可以包入一些煮好的越南米粉在春捲裡面,就變成了傳統的越南夏季春捲。這是一個非常隨性的小食,基本上可以根據自己的喜好加入不同份量的每個食材就好了,我個人太貪心,所以每個春捲都塞爆塞滿,雖然是輕食,也想要吃到滿滿的香噴噴的烤肉啊 。在炎熱的夏季,或者是懶得煮飯的某一天,都可以卷春捲來吃,簡單又健康,但不失美味唷!



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