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Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Sesame oil chicken, one of the most recognisable dish in Taiwan, the most homy and comfort dish ever. Everytime in a rainy and windy day in London, I am thinking to make this dish to warm myself up. The rice wine in it brings you the perfect warmth you need in the cold weather, and you probably will get a little bit tipsy, that’s the best part. Fried egg is the secret weapon, I suddenly found it from one of the Taiwanese local street van, it's my first time having sesame oil chicken with fried egg in it, the egg after soaking into the broth, it's just goes incredibly well together. It's now my favourite part in this dish.

昨天陰森森又下整天的大雨,倫敦的雨其實很不浪漫,風大到真的是會冷到骨子裡,想要喝兩口熱湯讓身體可以瞬間暖起來。這種天氣最適合來做令人懷念的暖胃料理 - 麻油雞!整個廚房還會充滿麻油與米酒的香氣,喝完整個身體便會由內而外的暖起來,而且竟然有一道料理可以讓人吃完帶有一點微醺的感覺,真的是很棒!

麻油雞 + 蛋, 是偶然在台北的一個夜晚,去吃路邊攤的時候發現的超搭法寶,從此愛上了這個完美組合,雖然只是一顆蛋的區別,但是過油煎過的荷包蛋,吸了滿滿的麻油湯汁, 試了你就知道它的強大!


INGREDIENT 食材 (2 portion 兩人份)


650g diced chicken leg 帶皮帶骨雞腿塊

30g Slice ginger 老姜帶皮

1 tbsp olive oil 橄欖油

2 tbsp black sesame oil 黑麻油

450ml rice wine 純米酒

10g goji berry (pre-soaked in rice wine) 枸杞 (用米酒提前泡好)

12g dried black fungus (pre-soaked in water)黑木耳(提前泡好)

To taste. sea salt 適量 鹽巴

2pcs Fried whole Egg (pre-done)2顆煎荷包蛋 (提前煎好)

2portion somen 2塊麵線




Step 1 步驟一

In a medium pan, put sliced ginger all around the surface, pour in the olive oil and 1tbsp black sesame oil, turn on medium low heat so the ginger doesn’t get burnt and taste bitter. Gently fry both side of the ginger until the fragrant coming out, and the ginger will starts to curl the edge, that’s a sign when it’s ready, take out and set aside.

冷鍋放入切成薄片的姜, 倒入全部橄欖油與1湯匙的黑麻油,然後開中小火,慢慢煸炒姜片,直到開始四周有點捲曲狀即可取出備用。


Step 2 步驟二

Now in the same pan, turn it up to high heat, transform the diced chicken leg in the pan with skin side down, pour over the rest of the black sesame oil, slowly sear it and constantly turning it to have a beautiful golden colour all way round. Without disturbing the heat and the chicken, put pre-cooked ginger slices, the pre-soaked black fungus , and the pre-soaked goji berry in the pan. Pour in the rice wine over everything, this is when you going to hear the most enjoyable sizzling sound, now cook and let it boil.

把火力調到最大,將切好的雞腿塊雞皮向下放入鍋中,倒入另外剩餘的1湯匙黑麻油, 四周均勻上色煎至金黃,放入煸好的姜片,泡好的黑木耳與枸杞(泡枸杞的米酒也可以同時倒入鍋中,再倒入全部米酒大火煮滾。


Step 3 步驟三

Torch up the wine to evaporate the alcohol, the sweetness of the rice wine will remaining in the soup (this step is optional, for rice wine lover you can totally skip this part)



Step 4 步驟四

At the end, put some sea salt to taste, and soak in the fried whole egg. If you find it too strong, you can add additional boiling water to adjust the density of the wine.



Step 5 步驟五

Make a pot of boiling water, drop the somen in until it losen up, then drain the water, put it back into the pot with extra two ladle of sesame oil chicken stock, and drizzle a bit more sesame oil, cook it until it's absorbing all the stock in the noodle, season extra salt if need. Ta-da! Here we go, easy, warm, and super tasty sesame oil chicken with noodle.




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