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The 100% milk made mochi with a silky texture like ice cream. 


No topping.

8oz cup, approx 200g. 

Serve chilled.



Matcha Powder|抹茶粉

100% Matcha Powder.


*Origin from Japan.

*Approx 10g.



Grounded Soybean Powder|豆粉


100% House roasted soybeans.


*Approx 10g.



Grounded Peanut Powder|花生粉


100% House roasted peanuts. 


*The most common topping choice for many Taiwanese desserts.

*Approx 10g.


Grounded Sesame Powder|黑芝麻粉


100% house grounded black & white sesame.


*Approx 10g.

Milky Pull|牛奶麻糬

  • All bento boxes served with steamed rice, assorted daily vegetables, a soy cured egg orscrambled eggs.

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