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Be.llong Dining


We make food, and our food tells stories.


Private Dining

We create our 7 courses seasonal menu based on Taiwanese seven household essentials : Fire, Rice, Oil, Salt, Sauce, Vinegar, and Tea.

Bento Box

Authentic Taiwanese bento box. We serve 8 bento variations - four meat options and four vegetarian ones, plus seasonal specials. Eat happy, eat healthy, Be.Box is quality takeaway,

delivered to your door.

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Long Là John

Chilli Sauce

Home essential for all the chilli lovers !

We hope our Long Là John sparks your inner Willy Wonka to use this fiery sauce in different ways. Add it to your noodle, rice, soup, sandwich or whatever combination your tastebuds tingles for.

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Limited Edition
Gift Box

We make gift boxes for Taiwanese holidays based on the lunar calendar. These are special projects where we collaborate with local businesses, artists and designers to create seasonal gift sets.


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