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Limited Edition Gift Box

We make gift boxes for Taiwanese festivals based on the lunar calendar. These are special projects where we collaborate with local businesses, artists and designers to create seasonal gift sets.


Current gift box

Work in progress - will launch our next gift box soon.

Order & Delivery Information

Will announce upon new gift box launch.

Previous Gift Boxes

Mooncake Gift Box Autumn 2020

Packaging is key to our food presentation. This year we were inspired by Japanese wagashi, and the country’s well-known creativity in gift box packaging.

Recalling our simple but elegant brand values, we handprinted the moon and carefully wrapped each mooncake by hand. We used purposeful materials which kept the mooncakes moist while easy to open.


We gave our packaging an earthy touch, reflecting our awareness of environmental changes. For the greeting card this time, we collaborated with the illustrator Yiting Lee to bring the story of mooncakes to life.


From visual presentation to tactile experience, the 2020 mooncakes gift box demonstrates everything we love and care about food.

Chanel Bespoke

Gift Box 2020

We made a bespoke version with ‘shades of white’ packaging for Chanel.

We placed a white moon on the white gift box, wrapped the box with Chanel’s white ribbon, then finished with a bunch of Craspedia (aka. Billy Buttons)- yellow, ball-like flowers shaped just like the moon.

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Order your gift box

Available upon new gift box launch.

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